A Well-Stocked Bar: The Sidecar Cocktail Recipe & History


Everyone knows that you can’t go wrong with a classic, and the Sidecar is no exception. I guarantee that this citrusy drink will make you a fan of cognac after just one taste. The Sidecar has been around for almost 100 hundred years, and it remains a world favorite to this day for one reason: it’s delicious. Now, let’s learn a little bit about how this famous cocktail came to be.

History of the Sidecar

The exact history of the Sidecar is unclear, but it is believed that the drink was invented just after World War I ended, either in London or Paris. Its ingredients are very similar to the old drink named Brandy Daisy, but the proportions and presentation are much different. The Ritz Hotel in Paris claims that it is responsible for creating the Sidecar, and the drink can be found in publications from the year 1907 on. It is written about in countless cocktail recipe books from the 1900s, and it is oftentimes referred to as a “staple drink” or “classic”.

A celebrated bartender named Pat MacGarry was responsible for introducing the Sidecar to London, and it eventually gained popularity in Paris at Harry’s Bar. Despite how convoluted the story is, the recipe has remained consistent: cognac, lemon juice, and triple cec, which is an orange flavored liqueur. Talk about the perfect combination.

The Classic Sidecar Cocktail Recipe


  •      5 cl cognac
  •      2 cl triple sec
  •      2cl lemon juice

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker that is filled with ice. Shake thoroughly and then strain into a traditional cocktail glass.


How did your Sidecar turn out when you made it at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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