Let’s be honest...

Christmas shopping for your girlfriend is one of the worst experiences known to mankind.

It matches a sincere desire to find a present that your girlfriend will actually like, with an aching inability to figure out what to buy outside of a stuffed bear holding a sign that says “I love you bear-y much”.

So, what’s a man to do?

If there’s one thing women are great at, it’s compartmentalizing their lives into boards on Pinterest. With constant updates, boards organized by interest and hashtags galore, your girlfriend’s Pinterest is the key to finding her the perfect present for any holiday or milestone in your relationship.

It reminds you of all of the things she tried to drop hints about wanting, while showing her that you had enough initiative to try and figure out her present on your own.

The Psyche of the "Female Pinner"

In their natural habitat, female pinners scour Pinterest’s pages and litter their own boards with motivational quotes, celebrity handbags, and ten DIY projects for mason jars.

You might be thinking...mason jars?

Here’s a tip: we are currently in an age in which crafting is both chic and thrifty. If you buy some of the supplies in these picture, like paint, ribbon, or flowers, and pick up a six pack of mason jars, then you've crafted (pun intended) the perfect present for your favorite artsy girl.

And better yet, you can handle the glue gun for her while she wraps twine and ribbons around it.

Look For Patterns

Not into crafting with your girlfriend?

Give this a try: look through her boards and try to avoid the inevitable blur of pins before your desperate eyes.

Look for patterns.  You start seeing yellow everywhere. You remember that your girlfriend has a sweater that’s kind of yellow. You try to remember other yellow things she wears and come up empty.

Write this one down gentlemen: quantity on Pinterest= quality as a present.

Smaller Is...Better?

The biggest present isn’t always the best present.

Two things that women love include tiny things and opening a lot of presents at once. With websites like BirchBox that surprise and delight with a plethora of little treats every month on the rise, a collection of small things that she’s pinned might be the solution to your holiday problems.

Toss a candle in her favorite scent, a pair of earrings, and some coasters with a mosaic of Audrey Hepburn into a wicker basket, and prepare for her to be impressed.

Keeping It Simple

Sometimes the best plans are the simplest: if you see that your girlfriend posted a picture of a necklace with a comment of “I love this!” or that she has a board that she pins to called “Wish List”, you’re pretty safe in assuming that she’ll like anything on there.

Above and Beyond

You’ve found the right present, you put it in a bag because wrapping paper is the devil’s Rubik’s Cube, and the big day approaches.

Now, you probably already know that a girl’s Pinterest is like a playground for food porn. If there’s a certain type of food she’s really craving lately, try finding a restaurant in your area for a romantic evening.

If you really want to step up your game, look for a cooking class that the two of you can take together and learn how to recreate some of her favorite dishes!

The Takeaway

The thing to remember here is that you know your girlfriend better than most people. You might not find her the trendiest gift, but if you apply what you know about her to what her Pinterest tells you, you’re bound to find something that fits the bill. Happy Hunting!

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Samantha Nader

Samantha Nader is a 20-something writer living in New Jersey while paying the bills as an editorial assistant. She enjoys cooking, knitting, reading, and other grandma-like activities. Samantha observes her boyfriend of three years in his natural habitat to write articles about men, while not-so-subtly hinting that sweatpants are not suitable attire for lunch dates.

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