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Make an Ass Out of Yourself On a Date and It Might Go Better

We’ve done plenty of articles on date ideas so far on the blog.  They range from the traditional, romantic picnic with your girl, to the bizarre “make an ass of yourself” date we mentioned in 10 Exciting Dates That Don’t Suck.

The bottom line is that we have to be creative with whatever type of date we go on. Each date idea should include a unique twist that’s personal and meaningful, because we all want the same goal from it: to have a good time and showcase our unique selves.

Going on the ‘make an ass of yourself” is a cool way to spice up a date. It can serve as the ultimate ice-breaker, or even as a new, refreshing release for a solid relationship.

The point of making an ass of yourself while on a date is to just be silly and break the ice. Sometimes you just need a solid ice breaker to get things going and get to get her to open up a little bit. It’s a way to take everybody off the defensive a little bit and become comfortable.

On the other side of things, it demonstrates confidence about ourselves too. By making an ass out of yourself in front of others, the people around us are more inclined to come out of their shells, and sometimes get them to even make an ass out of themselves and join you.

Here are a few ideas:

Go do some karaoke with your date.

I know it sounds frightening, but it’s not too bad.  Depending on the song you choose, you can actually sing like a total boss even if you haven’t ever sang before. Song selection can help you out here, as you can pick out almost any song you’d like and either sing something that doesn’t require too much range, or just not even care and belt out a solo by yourself.

Put On A Comedy Show.

Sometimes comedy clubs have open mic nights. This gives you almost free reign to make fun of yourself in a public place on a public stage. Most people can’t think quickly on their feet, but if you can, definitely go for this idea. Even if you can’t come up with anything, you might make people laugh.

Try Out Some New Activities.

Try something new that neither of you have done before. This could mean any unfamiliar sports, like paddle boarding, surfing, or even yoga. When trying new activities that your body isn’t used to, chances are you will embarrass yourself by falling down or just being straight up clumsy. Even if you do master it in a short amount of time, still make your date feel like they aren’t alone in making an ass out of herself.

Making an ass out yourself while on a date can be pretty funny, but should only be done sparingly. It’ll be funny, and definitely should be. But it also isn’t the only option to choose from.

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