How To Tie a Bow Tie As Told By…A Bow Tie

Learning how to tie any piece of clothing has never been a strong suit for me, but a bow tie has long been the holy grail of tied clothes that I could never seem to grasp.

That is, until I saw this clip in which a bow tie itself taught me how to tie a bow tie.  Made by The Hill-Side, a ​small producer of custom ties, handkerchiefs, and scarves in NYC, it's probably the most genius video I've ever seen on how to tie a bow tie because it removes the hands from the equation. Check it out:

Hey, I'm a new bow tie from The Hill-Side and today I'm going to show you how to tie me!

Real easy.

Left side, 2-3 inches longer than the right.

Swing it ​over in front of the short side and down and up past the neck, okay?

Back side comes out to the left. Fold it across ​in front. Put it right over your collarbone, alright?

The bottom side swings out in front. Take the left uh, ​you're gonna see a fold there and you're gonna feel the tip on the other side.

Fold those in front like a butterfly. Pinch it.

Now you're going to take the dangly piece​ and you are going to gently fold it and pull it through the little loop.

As you're doing so you're going to have to let go of the little butterfly - have faith ​this is going to work out. You're almost there.

Pull it through - okay, now you've got a loop ​in the back right, you've got a loop in the front left.

Give them a tug. Tug on the edges.

Look at yourself in the mirror.


You just tied a bow tie.

Go forth and tie!

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Kevin Espiritu

Cofounder of GreatMate. Lover of sandwiches, music-playing, weird hobbies, and building cool things.

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