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How To Spruce Up Your Man Cave For An Awesome Date

We've all been there: you have been dating this girl for a while and it's time you bring her back to your place...hopefully for something steamy. You've got dinner planned at your place, you've got a few bottles of wine in the fridge, there's is chicken in the oven.  Everything seems perfect to you.


Your girlfriend steps in and she's instantly turned off by what she sees.  There is a funky smell coming off the sweaty gym clothes that you threw on the sofa, a leftover piece of pizza from one week ago is lying on the floor, bottles of empty beer cans on table...the list goes on.

Let's just say your apartment is such a mess that even a hobo would not want to live in it.

So now you have perfectly managed to turn off the girl and the prospect of you building any intimacy for the night has gone out of the window.

Don't let it happen again.  Here are a few tips on how spruce up your man cave and avoid such situations.

Make Sure You're Set On Smells

Our olfactory senses are more powerful than our visual senses, so even if your girl doesn't notice or care about the clutter lying around she will be turned off by any funky smells in your apartment.

So plan ahead and start a couple of days earlier before you invite your girl over to your place. Even if it is a random date, start right away. Detect and locate the source of any funky smells in your apartment. The potential sources could be anything from the trash you haven't taken out for a week, the pile of dirty laundry lying around, the dirty dishes in your kitchen or the bathroom.

Take out trash, do the dishes and the laundry and see if it eliminates the funky smells.

Once you have eliminated the funky smells from your apartment, you can make it smell even better. Use a good quality room freshener spray or you can even burn a few perfumed candles for a more romantic feel. Keeping in mind though that using room fresheners or perfumed candles without actually eliminating the source of the funky smells in is only going to be a disaster. A very light spray after you’ve cleaned is fine.

Tap Into Your Inner Mr. Clean

A study indicated that bachelor pads harbor 15 times more germs than any other kind of apartment. So, not only you are going to turn off your girl, you are also potentially exposing her harmful germs (worse if your girl happens to be a germaphobe).

Here are the few things you definitely need to do:

Vacuum: vacuuming is the best way to get rid of dust, and other particles in your apartment. Use a steam powered vacuum if possible as it will also help kill the germs.

Mop/dust every wooden surface and floor tiles: this includes counters, tables, wooden furniture, shelves etc. It will make a noticeable difference on how clean your apartment looks.

Do the dishes as soon as possible: don't let them pile up. Having dirty dishes piled up in your kitchen is never a pretty sight. If you hate doing dishes on your own, get a dishwasher if you can afford one.

Display Your Personal Style

Learn to decorate your apartment like an adult; decorate your apartment with items that display your personality, hobbies and interests. A good artwork on the wall, a collection of books, musical instruments etc.

You don't have to do away with your gaming chair and X-Box, but it shouldn’t be the design centerpiece of the room. Your girl will mostly be looking for areas that are set up for conversation and activities, and will less likely be impressed with your collection of gaming equipment - unless she's also a gamer.

Don't let your apartment look like a fitness club or gym. Move away any excess sporting or exercise equipments from the living room and the bedroom and place them in an unused room. This way you can improve the overall look of the rest of your living area.

Always decorate your apartment with date friendly items. A picture of your ex-girlfriend, a book titled "How to Get Any Woman Into Bed”, or a porno DVD titled "Busty Beach Babes” isn’t a good idea. Have a collection of books that better displays your hobbies, a few collection of romantic movies that you can watch together will also help.

Ditch the posters of babes, and excess sports memorabilia. Decorate the walls with some manly art such as antique paintings, and framed art such as landscapes. Put up some photos that say something about your life - your family - you on a tour in a different country - any sports or adventure events you took part in etc. It will help serve as conversation starter when your girl takes a look around of your apartment.

Essential Cheat Sheets For Each Room

Besides all that's mentioned above here are few other areas in your apartment that you need to pay attention to:

The Bathroom

The bathroom is not the first place your date would take a look in when she visits you, she may not even require to use it through the course of the date.

But if she does, a dirty bathroom can be the biggest offender when it comes to first impressions. It all comes down to having a basic sense of hygiene and common sense. Here are the few bare essentials you need to keep in mind to maintain a clean bathroom.

Clean it. Use a good quality scrub powder or multipurpose cleaner and clean the bathroom tiles and sinks with the help of a scrubber. Use a disinfectant and clean the toilet bowl with the help of a toilet brush.

Keep an air freshener.  It will help mask out any unpleasant smells.

 Always have a stock of toilet paper. Don’t let your date find an empty roll.

Stock your bathroom with a liquid handwash and a dry hand towel.

Have a trash can. This should be obvious.

The Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen it might seem like not a manly thing to go shopping for expensive dining sets and cutleries. Of course, if you are living alone you can do fine with a few plastic bowls, forks and spoons, but if you are planning to invite your girl over for a dinner date it is essential that you at least have a set of matching dishes that aren't plastic. Shop online if you hate going shopping.

You might be living off coke, pizza and instant noodles but those should not be the only options that you have on offer for your date. Stock your fridge with more than junk food. Buy some fresh fruits and veggies, pita chips and hummus, or if you are good cook stock your fridge with the items for the best dish you can make.

Also stock your fridge with variety of beverages. Water and beer alone won't do much to impress your date. Buy a few bottles of good red wine, and a variety of fruit juices. This way you will be prepared for other guests that drop by as well.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most personal room of all the rooms in our home. It is also the place where we let off steam (if you know what I mean). Therefore, how we keep our bedroom reflects an aspect of our personality in real life.

Most men are lazy when it comes to making the bed...don't be one of these guys. An unkempt bed and clothes strewn about is not a pretty sight especially if you are giving your date a tour of your place.

Make it a habit to make your bed every morning. Pick up your clothes and put it nice and folded in the wardrobe. Don't let dirty clothes pile up in the wardrobe.  Get the laundry done at least once a week. Change the bed sheets and pillow covers every week.

Many of above these guidelines are plain common sense. It is not a one time thing and it’s not only about how to impress your date.

It’s about being disciplined and organized for yourself.

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