6 Guys You Should Have In Your Wolf Pack

Show me a man’s closest amigos and I can tell a lot about him. People have been claiming this for years mostly due to the fact that it’s true.

Run with dogs and their fleas will find their way onto you. Ride with kings and you’re bound to have a little bit of their nobility wear off on you.

Any man’s group of friends tends to be diverse and it is that diversity that makes any group strong. Where one friend spices up an evening with getting a little wild, in steps the responsible one of the group to keep him from ending up spending a long, cold, shirtless evening in the drunk tank on the edge of downtown.

After exhaustive research and some long nights of her own, we here have managed to single out the chore types of friends any man needs in his posse to keep his life exciting, happy, safe and sane.

The Gandalf

Every man needs a sage in his life, simple as that. We don’t know everything, but the Gandalf of our group may as well. Whether you’re suffering through girl trouble, financial ruin or suddenly in need of emergency 3 am legal advice, the Gandalf will be there with calm and collected slice of advice that can help get you and your other buddies out of any jam. Conquering any sort of difficulty should be possible as long as you listen intently with what he has to say.

The Funnyman

Life without laughing is a tragic chorus of deadlines and taxes. The Funnyman is here to lighten any mood. Where the Gandalf can help you get through a problem, the Funnyman can help you get over it. Humor is the best medicine, and he’s the best man for it. Not only can he make the sad times a little sunnier, but he is also great with the ladies.  Who’s a better wingman than one who makes the fairer sex laugh it up?

The Work-Sucks-Less-With-You-Around Guy

The WSLWYAG is the key to keeping your sanity in even the dimmest workplace dungeon. Work can be drudgery without some company, and every guy needs at least one work place pal to talk football with next to the water cooler. Working with people you like lowers your stress level and also helps you feel more comfortable in the workplace. The WSLWYAG is also great for being stressed together with! Misery loves company after all…

The Ringleader

He’s exactly that. He’s a mover and shaker and most of all a party starter. He’s the one who invites the girls over for board game night, he’s the one who organizes those awesome Saturday BBQs and he’s the glue that keeps your friend group together. He’s also quite good at bringing new friends into the fold, which is always appreciated.

The Stud

He may be a muscle-head, but he’s your muscle-head. In all seriousness, he’s in better shape than anyone in your entire friend group. The Stud is a perfect image of health, discipline and fortitude, which makes him the best gym buddy one could ask for. Just hanging around him makes you want to work off that beer belly, and actually training with him can help you with that. Ask him how he got his abs and he’ll gladly show you how to get a pair yourself… Right after he finishes his leg squats.

The Bob the Builder

Are you a hapless hack when it comes to getting anything done around the house? It’s OK, Bob will be over in 5 with his trusty hammer. Just stymie the bleeding and stay away from any power tools until he arrives. Bob is a genuinely nice guy who is always there to lend a hand with any lame-ass house project you’ve got going. He doesn’t have any problem going out of his way to help a tool-challenged goon like you and for that you owe him your eternal thanks and a beer would probably be nice as well.


Friendship should be forever, and if you’ve got any of these guys already in your friend group, I suggest you do whatever it takes to stay in contact. And if you don’t get out there and socialize until you have, because you’ll be all the better for it.


About the author

Dane Vandervelden

Madcap writer out of Poway, California. Graduated from CSU: San Marcos. Enjoys lucha libre, pizza and general ruckus. Drink whiskey, Spit venom.

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