A Well-Stocked Bar: The Gimlet Cocktail Recipe & History

gimlet cocktail recipe

The Gimlet is another classic cocktail that every man should know how to make. If you like lime and a slight tang, this drink is perfect for you. Its simple recipe is timeless, and it’s one that will be in the bartending books for forever. Let’s learn a little bit about the history behind this beloved cocktail.

The History of the Gimlet

The story behind the Gimlet is rather short and sweet. It was rumored to be a popular drink amongst the Navy, and Admiral Albert Gleaves made the first printed mention of it in 1920. Gleaves paid a visit to China where he tried the Gimlet for the first time and raved about it.

Eventually, a Naval surgeon by the name of Gimlette started using the drink in order to convince his sailors to consume lime juice. Doing so helped to prevent them from suffering from scurvy, which was a very big health hazard at the time. Naturally, this is where the name of the drink was believed to come from.

Finally, in 1953, Raymond Chandler gave us the most recent recipe for a Gimlet in his classic book called A Long Goodbye. Chandler is known for writing the famous line that a true Gimlet is half gin and half Rose’s lime juice- nothing more.


If you agree with Chandler, all you must use is equal parts gin and Rose’s lime juice in order to make a Gimlet. However, some people have other ideas. Here’s another idea for a recipe that you can try.


  •      4 ounces gin
  •      ½ fresh lime juice
  •      1 ounce Rose’s lime juice
  •      Slice of lime

Simply mix these ingredients together and pour into a glass over ice. Make sure to garnish with a slice of lime, and you are set.


Do you use fresh lime juice in your Gimlets, or just Rose’s? Let us know by commenting below!

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