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5 Hugh Jackman Facts That Prove You Should Diversify Yourself. You Probably Don’t Know About #4

Hugh Jackman is a role model for many men for the obvious reasons - his physique, his success, and his charm. But there's more to this man than meets the eye and a little digging reveals some hidden gems about Hugh's life that all of us can learn from.

What makes him so unique in the celebrity world is the fact that he's so damn diverse.  Along with being an A-list action movie star, he's musically gifted, extremely charitable, and the consummate ​family man.  To wrap it all up, he keeps himself sane by practicing meditation and gets many of his core beliefs from Buddhism, without attaching the label "Buddhist" to his life.

Here are a few details about Hugh that you probably didn't know, and what they mean for your life:​

1. He Keeps Himself Occupied With Musical Interests

When you think of Hugh Jackman, most of us think of the Wolverine or the many other action movies that he's been in.  What most people don't realize is that he's got incredible versatility as an actor and a person, with music being one of his biggest interests. Just check out his opener from the 2009 Oscars:

Not content for his musical work to remain in the confines of award shows and the theater, Hugh has collaborated on a number of tracks that break out of the theater genre quite a bit:

Hugh has even picked up an Emmy award...for hosting the Tony awards.​

Even if you're extremely talented at something, there's still room to expand to other creative outlets in your life.

2. Fitness and Sports Are Huge For Hugh - But Don't Define Him

Hugh has gained massive fame for his physique and physical transformations throughout his film career, most notably for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men series.

While there's a wealth of information out there on his actual routines and nutrition, what most people fail to see is his dedication.  Here are some shots of his physique from his first portrayal of the Wolverine to his most recent:

That's what happens when you dedicate yourself to fitness for 12 years.

For those interested in his actual routine, it looks something like this:

Train for 3 hours a day.  Eats 4,000 calories a day as he bulks up and 3,500 when he's leaning up, using a diet from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Eats for 8 hours, fasts for 16.  Chicken, fish, steak. Protein 6+ times a day. Steamed vegetables, brown rice. Protein shakes. No alcohol, no sugar.  70% of how you look is your diet.

If the bar ain't bendin', you're just pretendin'

You can push yourself much harder than you think you can.  Constant progression and dedication over years will lead to massive results that you can't see from where you are today.

3. He Gives Back...A Lot.

His massive success in film and show business has brought him a pile of cash - cash that he doesn't care for hoarding.  Hugh has given a lot of money to causes he (and his fans) believe in.  One of his favorite causes is microcredit, or the practice of loaning small amounts of money to budding entrepreneurs in impoverished countries.

He is a big part of the reason that microcredit is so popular today, having backed it since 2001.

To add to this, he's an advisor for the Global Poverty Project.

He even uses Twitter as a medium of giving, tapping into charities that wouldn't be on his radar otherwise.  In 2009, Hugh tweeted that he would donate $100,000 based on followers' favorite charity:

Hugh got tweets from hundreds of people persuading him to donate to their charity of choice.  Because he couldn't choose, he ended up giving $50,000 to Charity:Water and $50,000 to Operation of Hope - all based on his fan's recommendations.

If you've succeeded in life (and even if you haven't), take the time to give back.  You don't need to everything, just pick causes that have meaning to you and do what you can to promote and support them.

4. He Doesn't Get Caught Up In Celebrity Bullshit

He's been married to the same woman since 1996, who he met on set while working in his home country of Australia.  He designed her engagement ring himself, inscribing it with a Sanskrit phrase meaning "we dedicate our union to a greater source."

He has been quoted as saying he knew he wanted to marry her "...pretty much from the first moment I saw her."  Not one to bow to social norms, Hugh's wife is 13 years older than him:

This is a man who could have anyone he wanted - he could date supermodels, famous actresses...anyone.  But he sticks with his wife of 18 years throughout his entire rise to massive superstardom and the fact that she was unable to bear his children, deciding to adopt two children.

Even as you rise up in life, remember what made you happy in the past - chances are it will still make you happy now.

5. To Keep Himself Sane, He Meditates...And Has The Last 25 Years

Hugh's life is chaotic, with his charity, acting, music, and family obligations.  It's enough to drive anyone mad, even someone capable of taking on a massive workload like Hugh.  To decompress, Jackman meditates.  He was introduced to Transcendental Meditation when he was 20 years old and is a huge proponent of the practice:

Nothing has ever opened my eyes like Transcendental Meditation has. It makes me calm and happy, and, well, it gives me some peace and quiet in what's a pretty chaotic life!

Here he is on Howard Stern talking about his OCD and how meditation has helped him deal with everything going on in his life - and mind:

If you live a busy life, take time to unwind.  We need time to recharge, rest, and process our lives...we can't be going at 100% 24/7.

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